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  • 9" Fake Chocolate Bunny

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    This chocolate bunny will last much longer than any other!

    Realistic, and looks good enough to eat!

    This rabbit stands at 9" tall. It is brand new! The bunny is painted with a smooth chocolate finish, making it very realistic. It can be displayed from any angle, as both sides are the same. It has a little wicker basket on its back, and a little tail too!
    The rabbit is made out of high quality clay and glaze, and is made completely in South Carolina. This is an heirloom quality piece, and can be passed down for many generations. It makes a splendid Easter decoration, and looks great perched on a mantle, sat on a table, or in a basket. It also makes a great gift for those with a sweet tooth, and it looks just like you can eat it!

    We have this chocolate rabbit ready to ship, so order now and you can display it for Easter!