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  • 19 inch "Puffy" Christmas Tree

    This item is out of stock
    This is a rare and interesting tree from ClayForge!

    This tree stands 19" tall. It is Brand New! The tree is painted with a glossy glaze. This tree has a very unique texture too. It seems to have a delicate netting all over the leaves, creating a very beautiful effect.

    The tree is made out of high quality clay and glaze, and is completely hand made in South Carolina. This is an heirloom quality piece, and can be passed down for many generations. It makes a splendid Christmas decoration, and looks great as an accent piece in your foyer, or as a nightlight in your kitchen.

    We have this puffy tree ready to ship, so order now and you can display it for Christmas.

    - 19 inches tall
    - Set of lights, they are not glued in
    - Glossy glaze
    - Star
    - Light bulb included
    - Comes apart in two pieces, tree and base
    - Completely handmade in South Carolina